Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What is Hopwit?

HopWit is an attempt to make the most of your travel. We are doing this for fun and believe this will solve problems with trip plannings, making the most of your travel with the ability to expand your networks with meetig new people. We are continuously working very hard to add many new functionalities and to increase our geographic spread so you can have the best experience! We dont have a fat external funding and are fully self funded with a passion for travel so we are slow, but steady!

2) How do I register with HopWit

HopWit's registration process is very quck & easy. We rely on your mobile phone number to verify it is you. You just need to install the HopWit app and enter your mobile phone number. Our servers will send you a OTP which you need to enter in the OTP verification screen. Once verified, you are registered!

3) How do I change my registered mobile phone number

At this moment, changing a registred mobile number is not supported

4) What is the HopWit trips section?

In the trips section, HopWit will attempt to read your SMS (Android only) from major airlines, travel portals, IRCTC and digest the upcoming trip information. HopWit will create a trip based on the information it digests. Once the trip is created, HopWit will give information on the flight or train departure time, HopWit will give an option to web check-in (In case of air travel), give an option to book a hotel, book a cab or even connect with people using the HopWit app at the destination (See below how location services work)

5) What is the HopWit feeds section?

HopWit feeds section is designed for travellers to start a conversation on a trip they are planning, share updates on their current trips, share photos with the ability of other users to like and comment on your posts.

6) Which all posts will I see I the HopWit feeds section?

HopWit feeds work on the concept of following people to see their posts. By default, HopWit will scan your contacts from the phone book and any contact from your phone book if has the HopWit app installed, you will be following those contacts by default and will see their posts.

7) What if I do not want to see someone's posts?

You can unfollow that user by clicking on the contact and select unfollow

8) What is the HopWit discover section?

HopWit discover section is designed to connect with your phone book contacts and nearby people. By default, the discover section will list all your phone book contacts who have the HopWit app installed. This gives you the ability to view their HopWit posts (by clicking on a contact), ability to unfollow a contact, and the ability to send an instant message.

i) By default you will only see your phone book contacts listed here

ii) If you enable the location services (in the discover section), then the following happens:

a) Your phone book contacts will keep listing, but if any of your phone book contact has also enabled location from the discover section, they distance will also be listed

b) Along with your phone book contacts, enabling locaion from the discover section will start listing other users of HopWit (who are not as contacts in your phone book) who have also enabled the location from the discover section and show their distance. This will give you the ability to choose if you want to follow any such users to get their post updates or start an instant one to one conversation.

9) What if I do not want to receive instant messages from someone?

You can block the contact from the conversation window. Keep in mind blocking someone means, even you cannot send that user a message

10) Who all can see my profile on HopWit?

All contacts in your phone book who have the HopWit app installed and have you added in their phone book as a contact can see your HopWit profile and also HopWit posts. If you enable location services from the discover section, any HopWit user can also see your profile and can also initiate an instant conversation. Your HopWit Profile is public in a way

11) What is the filter of facebook on the discover section?

Based on what is summarized in # 8 above, the list can get pretty long. You can of course use the search feature to filter, but in case you want to list only the people who you are friends with on facebook, you can filter for the facebook option. Note: This feature requires you to connect your facebook account with HopWit from the settings menu

12) I need help with a reservation (Hotel, Cab) that I made from the HopWit app!

HopWit app allows you to make reservations using third party services. If you have made a reservation, you need to follow up with the 3rd party provider on the customer service on any changes or cancellation or refund. Our ability is limited to redirect you to the 3rd party provider at this point

13) How can I delete my HopWit account?

Although, we hate to see you go, you can opt to delete your HopWit account by clicking on settings \ delete my account

14) I have questions which are not answered here

Hmm, send us an email (

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